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EMI's Cease and Desist Letter to

Compulsory Licensing (doesn't apply to samples)

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Changing Copyright by Negativland

If you'd like to join the Grey Tuesday protest, send an email to:

Participating sites will post the Grey Album on their site all day Tuesday, February 24. If you don't have a copy of the Grey Album, you can find it on

In addition, we are encouraging sites to make their homepage all grey for the day. If you don't feel comfortable posting the album, and you still want to get involved, going grey is a great way to do so. Eric made this javascript that will display your site in grey for everyone using Internet Explorer (85-90% of users)-- put it in your page all day Tuesday, and don't forget to explain why. You can also change the html and CSS to grey to cover other browsers (and if you're really psyched, change your images too). If you are planning to go grey, let us know and we'll add you to the list:

Whether or not you run a website, you can help bring attention to this protest by encouraging sites to participate.

You can also call up radio stations on Tuesday to request the album. Independent stations are a good bet, and they might even mention the protest on the air.

Most of all, you can protest EMI's actions by downloading the Grey Album on a filesharing network, from, or from one of these sites on February 24. And the music is really good too.

Jay-Z released an a capella version of his Black Album to make remixes easier, and the The Grey Album is just one of many. Here's some others to look for:

9th Wonder - Black Is Back
DJ Lt. Dan - The Black Remixes
Illmind - The Black & Tan Album
Kno vs. Hov - The White Albulum
Kev Brown - The Brown Album
Black Jays - The Black Jays Album

A bigger list is here (scroll down a little).